Join the Gangsters Club

Gangster Club, an exclusive generative art collection on the Solana Blockchain. Each and every gangster is generated from 160 unique hand drawn traits. With our own tokenized system and amazing team we will be bringing amazing events that haven't been seen before!

We are putting Solana's quick and cheap network fees into use by bringing exclusive events such as a customizable mint to our DAO. 


What is the Gangsters Club

Gangsters club is a collection of 4,444 uniquely generated solana nfts with over 160 traits and backed by a unique roadmap that features the first ever customizable mint

$SGCT Token

We will introduce a tokenized system where every Gangster holder will be airdropped our $SGCT tokens.

With our tokenized systems, gangsters that have accumulated large amounts of tokens from airdrops / community events and staking will be able to use them as a ticket to our one of kind events!

We are going to introduce events never seen before to our community and bring more value to holders beyond that OG mint! For example, we will be doing a customizable minting event in which you could customize your own avatar!

Untitled design (35).png

Special Events

We have decided to launch on the Solana platform due to key factors that include cheap gas fees and incredible speeds.

This enables us to bring one of a kind events to our community! This includes the customizable mint event to our DAO in which you could select your own combinations and mint into an excluisve limited edition collection!

We have more things in mind and can't wait to get them out for our community! We are working with a highly expirienced development team in order to bring many events!

Gangster Dao

The Gangsters that you hold will serve as a membership to our community DAO club, this includes access to the following:

- Solana Gangsters Royalty System:
We will take 8% as creators fee, 60% of it will go to the team. Some of the funds will be used for floor sweeps by the team,  marketing and personal wallets. The remaining 40% will go into our community bank.

- Our Gangster DAO members will vote on how they would want to use the community bank:
1) Investing the money saved into buying NFTs and airdropping / holding them for our community.
2) Sweeping Floor and airdropping the gangsters bought!
3) Money Giveaways 
4) Community will vote on something of their choice, could be anything!

Access to the DAO club includes: Community Bank Access, Community airdrops, Investments groups and more! 




60%: Giveaways, Promotions + More

40%: Community Bank


- Invest money into any other NFT

- Sweep the floor and airdrop

- Money giveaways

- Anything else voted on by the community


- Community Bank access

- Private channel providing insight

- Community airdrops

- Investment groups



STAGE 00 (0%)

 Finish our official website, continue growing our community organically, finish generating art, hosting daily events with our community until our presale

Recruiting additional team members to lead our DAO and manage the project!

Pouring big budgets into marketing before launching our public mint!

STAGE 02 (50%)

Donate 25 SOL to charity for endangered communities

Hosting an auction for our top rarity gangster and donating the revenue to charity

Time square showcase of our gangsters


Launching on top marketplaces and strong floor sweep!

Letting the community DAO choose how to spend their bank

Donating 50 SOL to a charity organization picked by the DAO

Official DOX of the team and interacting with our community to get to know each other better!

Work on our first ever custom mint event for our community DAO

STAGE 01 (25%)

Floor Sweeps

Buying NFT/S chosen by the DAO community and airdropping it to a random holder (20 SOL)

Airdrops of SolGangsters to holders

Hosting large daily community spaces

STAGE 03 (75%)

Arranging articles about our project on well known magazines

Airdropping 20 SOL split between 20 random holders

Hosting surprise events to our DAO community!

Hosting large community spaces


Meet our Team












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Community Manager